Friday, January 6, 2012

I'm Supposed to have shoes

I started off this week with the best intentions. I felt like some miraculous spell would break up the dysfunctional relationship that exists between my hand and my mouth. I guess that's not much of a plan. I did say that I was going to drink more water, and I actually did do that. I just don't dig plain water - unless I'm super thirsty. I do like the little Crystal Light packets but they give me a strange pain in my stomach. Maybe I'll just squeeze some real lemon into the water...or just keep drinking the plain water until I get used to it...such a dilemma. I like these little motivation posters. I should probably keep them a little more visible throughout the day.

So the other thing I planned to do was start some kind of walking plan. I actually got all dressed and motivated and then I could not find my shoes! I am so ridiculously out of shape that what would seem like a leisurely stroll is like real exercise to me. If I don't wear really good sneakers, I get severe pains in my shins that last long after the walk is over. I finally got fitted by a professional and got a pair of New Balance walking shoes with a special insole and the pain is gone! so are my shoes! I did lace up my old Asics and actually go for the walk but I paid for it for DAYS after. I have searched high and low and can not find those dang shoes! I'm planning on one more sneaker search before I give up and buy a new pair. I also tried to do Just Dance 3 for the Wii which was freakin hilarious and actually pretty hard! Then I thought I'd do a check in on Wii Fit only to find that the batteries are dead. Maybe the exercise gods are trying to tell me something.

My feet are definitely starting to get pissed about having to carry the rest of me around. They are actually on the smallish side and they have been taking a beating for way too long. Lately I've been having the feeling like a hot nail is sticking into my heel unless I wear cushy flip-flops, Sketcher's Shape-ups or Crocs. I feel like I'm one step away from old lady orthopedics with velcro straps, for cripes sake! I have a closet full of cute shoes that I can't even think about wearing because I know the pain I'll be in the next day. At least they have lots of company with all of the clothes I can't even think about wearing.

On the up side, I did drink quite a bit of water today - almost a full bottle while writing this. The down side...I used it to wash down some Milk Duds from my Christmas stocking. Please, even I know how insane I am. Here I sit writing about wanting to lose weight while I eat Milk Duds?! WTF is wrong with me. I mean seriously.

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