Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm supposed be over my Wagon Accident

So, are you ready for a little story? I was on this wagon, see, and I was riding it like a champ! Then the darn wagon overturned at the intersection of Valentine's Day and PMS Street. It wasn't pretty folks. The physical wreckage was awful, but the mental aftermath was even greater. It was a confusing time. How had I just had SO much control and now, not only had I fallen off the wagon, the freakin thing had run me over. several times.

I wallowed in self-pity for a while. And I consumed copious amounts of jellybeans and a wholesale warehouse sized bag of Cadburry mini eggs. For real. Now here I sit, feeling utterly awful, my biggest clothes feeling very snug and I'm slowly finding the resolve to start again.

The actual program I was following recently was actually working well. I was having a protein shake for breakfast and lunch and then a decent dinner. Shortly after the wagon accident, I attempted to start again, but the shake I came to enjoy most, Muscle Milk, turned on me. Literally. I made a late night trip to Walgreens to get my shakes to start right back on my plan and it was bad. bad bad bad. I wasn't quite sure it was bad. I thought maybe it was my imagination or my mind playing tricks on me, but the more I tried to choke it down, the more I realized I was drinking something long past its shelf-life. The shake made a very un-glamorous reappearance. and ever since then I can't even think of trying to drink another.

Now, as fate would have it, we recently had a rep from Mona-Vie come to our school during a health fair. She was there to share the new RVL weight loss program. It consists of (you guessed it) protein shakes! It was actually quite tasty. I picked up her information and waited about 3 weeks, why? I have no idea.
I just called tonight and ordered my first month's supply. It should arrive tomorrow. So, my wagon is out of the shop and I'm just about ready to ride again. Wish me luck!