Friday, June 13, 2014

I'm Supposed to Blog Here

I really hate when I read a blog and the first line is an excuse for why the blogger hasn't blogged in like forever. So, let's skip that part shall we? It's been two years. I have no excuse. But I'm back, I think. I'm not even sure if anyone is even reading this but just in case I lose a bajillion pounds and this blog becomes a hot topic, I figured there should be at least a little something-something to explain a two year gap. So that was it. You're welcome.

Ok, so it's summer and just like every summer, my plan is to really get down to business, start some type of exercise routine, and stop shoving crap down my gullet. Being a teacher, I have the luxury of making my own schedule for most of June, July, and August. Yes, I will do work for my classroom, for my other blog, for my tpt store, but I can do it when I choose and without being totally exhausted from work. Oh and being able to pee whenever I want! <--that's a pretty sweet deal.

As this school year came to an end, I was seriously counting down the days. I would wake up pretty miserable when I thought about the day ahead. I couldn't wait to come home before I even left the house. Why? Not for the reasons you might think. I love my job. I work at a great school with great kids and a great team. So, why the misery? Well, it starts with the trip to the closet to find something, anything, to wear. I have a closet full of clothes that looks something like this:

When your day begins with that kind of choice it kind of starts off going downhill. Even when you think you have found something that is comfortable and somewhat camouflaging, you see a picture like this and reality comes crashing down. hard. #camofail.
Yup, that's my butt. In an outfit that I thought was somewhat flattering. Uh no. Can you see now why I was counting down the days? I HAVE to lose some pounds before I go back in August. I thought that writing this blog would be good for me to process my thoughts, feelings, successes along the way. Of course, I've started and stopped writing this blog a few times too, but...

 And just maybe...
 So I guess I will...

And I will blog about what's going on in my world in hopes that it helps me. And someday maybe someone else. Only time will tell.

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